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Who We Are

The Geopolitical Business is an advisory firm helping business play geopolitics smartly.


The Geopolitical Business, Inc

Location: Toronto, Canada

A new era of business has begun where geopolitics and business have become inseparable. In this new era of [geopolitics+business], every organization has to play geopolitics smartly in order to protect operations and stay profitable.

The Geopolitical Business is an advisory firm working at the intersection of [geopolitics+business] and specializing in how to play geopolitics smartly. Our mission is to protect operations from geopolitics and keep business profitable. 

The Geopolitical Business was started by Abishur Prakash, one of the world’s top geopolitical experts, that has been providing geopolitical advice and foresight to leaders of business and nations for over a decade. In 2013, Prakash was among the first in the world to define ‘Next Geopolitics’, the intersection of geopolitics+technology.