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2024 Forecast

A 2024 Geopolitical Forecast For Executives.

The Metamorphosis

A 2024 Geopolitical Forecast for Executives

The world’s first forecast on how geopolitics could upend the world of business in 2024. There are 10 themes, each decoded and backed by research.

Over the last twelve-months, geopolitics has turned the world of business upside down. Consider a few key events:

• Fearful of Western sanctions, Indonesia is launching its own sovereign credit card system.

• In India, Chinese tech firms have been told to appoint locals in executive roles.

• Anticipating another war, Japan’s regulator is stress-testing banks to assess readiness for a Taiwan crisis.

This is only the tip of the iceberg as to how the worlds of geopolitics and business collided in 2023. To anyone paying attention, the writing is on the wall: geopolitics has become the biggest global disruptor, overtaking technology and Covid-19.

The world of geopolitics is undergoing massive change. No longer is geopolitics just a risk. It has become a transformative force, reshaping the globe in unprecedented and radical ways.

A new era of geopolitics has begun. We refer to this new era as The Metamorphosis. It is the guiding theme for our 2024 forecast. As The Metamorphosis accelerates, global companies face a reckoning in how they operate. From the new design of globalization (vertical) to divergence in technology to the convergence of geopolitics and sustainability, the world that businesses stand on is breaking apart because of geopolitics.

We put together the 2024 forecast to give executives awareness into the “new animal” geopolitics has become. And, to show leadership how geopolitics could threaten competitive edge and profitability over the next four quarters.

Regardless of industry, size, or geography, every company is starting to see the face of geopolitics across their business operations. Everything is at stake: vision, stock price, business models, and more.

Press Release

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, December 5, 2023: Every few decades, a year comes that changes the course of history. What happens in that year moves the “tectonic plates” of the world. The coming year (2024) represents this pivotal moment.

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