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Problems We Solve

Our mission is to protect businesses from geopolitics and keep them profitable.


We work at the intersection of geopolitics and business.

How We Help Customers

Geopolitics is rapidly changing the business environment for companies all over the world. We provide the most up-to-date practical insights for navigating the new business environment.

Geopolitics is hitting business nonstop from all directions. We provide actionable intelligence and advice for protecting business from geopolitics.

Where might [geopolitics+business] go next? What else might derail strategy and long-term success? From trends to scenarios, we discover new possibilities and their impact on operations.

The deficit of geopolitical expertise is proving very costly. We convert our deep specialization in [geopolitics+business] into unique methods to build geopolitical expertise in customer’s business.

Every company must rewire itself for geopolitics in order to survive and stay profitable. We provide a roadmap that makes companies resilient and play geopolitics smartly.