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A 2024 Geopolitical
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How Might Geopolitics Disrupt You in 2024

A metamorphosis has begun. Geopolitics is transforming the world in shocking ways. In this new era of [geopolitics+business], every executive has to become geopolitically savvy in order to keep the business competitive and profitable. The geopolitical forecast for 2024 is created for executives that want to stay one step ahead of disruptive geopolitics and protect their operations.

The Metamorphosis
Executive Briefing Session

A New Era Of Geopolitics

A new era of geopolitics called, The Metamorphosis, has begun. The pillars, that the world of business has stood on forever, are being reconfigured in the most unexpected ways. A new business environment, unlike anything that has existed in history, is being unleashed. Every business must understand it intimately because the new era of geopolitics has started to spin the axis of the world.

This executive session offers deep insights into the new landscape of geopolitics that is forming across the world and how it might disrupt companies.

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    Beyond The Ukraine War

    A video clip of a talk with the President of Hungary.
    The Metamorphosis

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